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The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act, proposed some significant changes to the information that is to be provided to Companies House on an annual basis.

From the 30th of June 2016 the Confirmation Statement replace the Annual Return.

A Confirmation Statement is a yearly requirement that must be filed for all Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

The purpose of the Confirmation Statement is to confirm that important company data registered at Companies House is accurate and up to date.

At least one Confirmation Statement should be filed every 12 months, even if the business is dormant.

You can file your confirmation statement (annual return) or accounts with Companies House by yourself with WebFiling Service if you do not use our Acting Nominee Service. To use WebFiling Service directly on the you need a Companies House password and authentication code.

You need to check and confirm the company information the Companies House hold for you and let them know if there are any changes.

To complete the confirmation statement you need to:

  1. check the information the Companies House hold on your registered office, directors and location of registers – if there’s been any changes, you’ll need to complete a separate form before filing your confirmation statement;
  2. check and if necessary update your shareholder information, statement of capital and your standard industry classification (SIC code);
  3. check and confirm your record is up to date;
  4. pay the fee to file online or additional charges by paper.

You can update your record as many times as you need to, but you’ll only be charged once a year.

For most companies, this’ll also be the first time you’re notifying us of those in your company who have significant control (PSC). New companies will provide this information on their incorporation documents.

Companies House will send you an email alert or a reminder letter to your company’s registered office when your confirmation statement is due.

Companies who have switched to email reminders from paper are more likely to file their accounts and confirmation statement (annual return) on time.

The Companies House reminder service tells companies when their accounts and confirmation statement are due for filing. Analysis shows email reminders are more successful than paper reminders.

Companies who have switched to email reminders are more likely to file on time and, as a result, are less likely to get a penalty for filing their accounts late.

The Companies House email reminder service is free and has many advantages over the paper system. You can:

  1. choose up to 4 people to receive a reminder (including an agent);
  2. file your document immediately from a link within the reminder;
  3. receive reminders more conveniently;
  4. use less paper, contributing to saving the environment.

The Companies House recommend all companies register for the email reminder service. The Companies House intend to withdraw paper reminders in the future as part of their aim to become a fully-digital organisation.

To register for the e-mail reminder service:

  1. sign in to the Companies House online filing service;
  2. select ‘Get email reminders’ from your company overview screen;
  3. click ‘Add an email address’;
  4. enter your email address (a maximum of 4 per company);
  5. clicking the link in the e-mail ‘Companies House’ will send you to validate your e-mail address;
  6. agree to the terms of operation.

The Companies House will send you an email when you have successfully joined the reminder service.

New users will need to register to use the Companies House online filing service.

The due date is usually a year after the incorporation of your company or the date you filed your last annual return. You can file your confirmation statement up to 14 days after the due date.

Filing your confirmation statement online is the easiest way to submit your confirmation statement, it’s quicker and cheaper than filing by paper.

You can be fined up to £5,000 and your company may be struck off if you don’t send your confirmation statement.