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Companies House WebFiling can be used by all companies registered in Great Britain with company numbers that contain all digits e.g. 1020304 or have the prefixes as NI, R0 and SC for Limited Companies, or OC, SO and NC for Limited Liability Partnerships.

Online service allows:

  1. Changes to the company address, directors and secretaries can be submitted free of charge.
  2. Abbreviated, micro entity and dormant company accounts (not available for Community Interest Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships).
  3. Annual Return.
  4. Change of name (standard service) and same day service.
  5. Register a Charge and satisfy a Charge.

Some entries require additional charge, some can be done by same day.

All forms can be completed in English or Welsh (converted to English upon submission); apart from the account templates which are only available in English.

Bilingual Welsh version of forms can also be submitted for companies with a registered office address in Wales (apart from account templates).

Welsh form types are NOT available to Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) on the WebFiling service.

Companies House WebFiling service is secure and simple to use. Once registered you are able to check or update the details we hold about the company.

To register for WebFiling, first provide an email address and password. Next enter your company number and an Authentication Code will be sent to the company’s registered office address. Both the password and Authentication Code are required before WebFiling can be accessed.

To register:

  1. Enter your email address and a password of your choice.
  2. A letter will be sent to the company’s registered office address containing your Authentication code.
  3. Both the password and Authentication Code are needed to use WebFiling.

The Authentication Code takes the place of the signature on the document, and it is only known to Companies House, the company / LLP or presenters acting on the company or LLP's behalf.

PROOF (Protected Online Filing) enables companies to protect themselves from unauthorised changes to their company's record as it prevents the filing of certain paper forms. These include documents for an appointment / resignation / change of particulars of company officer and the change of the registered office.

The Registrar has the power to direct the form, manner and authentication of documents filed using the WebFiling service. These are set out in Volume 1 of Registrar's Rules which are prepared in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 – section 1068 (sub-sections 1 to 4).

If you don't have an acting director / company secretary / limited (non stable) Internet access you should use WebFiling service because you will:

  1. Save postage and courier costs.
  2. Get Online help and validation – making information easier to complete.
  3. Fewer documents filed online are rejected.
  4. Save time. Many WebFiling forms are pre-populated with the company data.
  5. The Authentication Code replaces hand-written signatures.
  6. Companies House will send an email confirming receipt of your data within 3 hours.
  7. Companies House will send a second email, normally within 2 working days, to inform you if your data has been accepted or rejected. If your data is rejected the reasons will be included in the email.
  8. Reduce the risk of company hi-jacking by registering with PROOF when you next sign in.

Legal constraints: companies or limited liability partnerships that are dissolved, converted or closed cannot use the WebFiling service.

Confirmation Statement:A WebFiling confirmation statement cannot be used by:

  1. Companies who hold 1,000 or more individual or joint shareholders.
  2. Companies required to submit lists or subsidiary and associated undertakings.
  3. Companies with multiple paid or unpaid capital details within the same class or share.
  4. Companies with paid or unpaid capital details of a different currency from the class of share.

Confirmation statement system boundaries:

  1. A maximum of 1,000 individual and joint shareholders.
  2. A maximum aggregate nominal share value of up to 12 whole numbers and 3 decimal places.
  3. A maximum paid or unpaid share value of up to 9 whole numbers and 6 decimal places.
  4. A maximum of 30 individual share transfers per class.
  5. A maximum of 6 classes of share currency (also applies to SH01).
  6. A maximum of 10 joint shareholders per shareholding.

The WebFiling service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will only be unavailable for essential maintenance at scheduled times which will be advertised on the Companies House website.

Note: Due to the possible need for manual processing, documents will only be examined during Companies House's working hours of 7.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday (UK time).

You are able to print out a copy of your company information. Select the printer icon at the top of your screen. Alternatively the ‘My Recent Filings’ screen contains details of the data sent to Companies House using WebFiling in the last 10 days.