FID Trust International

The reasons to opening a corporate bank account particularly in a High Street Bank:

  1. To have first class financial service.
  2. To have the possibility for financial assistance and support from UK and EU.
  3. To be credited, open credit lines.
  4. To be registered for Value Added Tax (VAT), receive VAT refunds.
  5. To register European Economic Interest Groupings (EEIG).
  6. To reduce bookkeeping and accounting expenses.
  7. To open all types of merchant accounts (Western Union, PayPal, World Pay...) without limitations. Do not mix this possibility with a standard Internet merchant account as they do not have the rights to charge by phone, fax...
  8. To apply for Small Business Loan Guarantee and other forms of credits and overdrafts.
  9. To apply for UK and EU business grants.
  10. To have respect and trust from your customers and trading partners.

In order to open a business bank account with FTI assistance in one of the UK' High Street Banks, choose the best suitable solution taken from your present situation:

:: 1 :: You can come to our office in London:

It is required by law: Company Director (s) and Company Secretary have to be physically present in the Business Branch in any High Street UK Bank to open Business Account. Meaning that: If you do not already live in the UK, you and your partners (if you have any) need to spend a minimum of one day within the UK. As FID Trust is looking to help you with your business success, please read carefully the following information and decide on which solution is best for you:

  1. Tell us the best day for you (and other company officers) to travel to London.
  2. Before the meeting in the bank, we will have our meeting with you. FID Trust will give you an extensive consultation about bank, taxes, bookkeeping and accounting. One of our Qualified Accountants or Registered Auditors will be there and they will answer all your questions.
  3. Please bring with you for each Director, including Company Secretary (if you do not use our Nominee Company Secretary service):
    • a valid passport (EU ID Card),
    • bank statements for the last 6 months on your name with same residential address as you have provided with the company registration,
    • other 2 (TWO) proofs of address (choose from: gas / electricity bills, tax office, driving licence with address and photo on it, council tax bill).
  4. If you JUST want a bank account - you are not required to deposit any money. Internet banking and other services will be set-up automatically.
  5. If you want CREDIT CARDS - the bank will ask you for a deposit. The amount of deposit will be exactly as your ambitions and plans that you have explained to the bank manager.
  6. Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association.

To order: Tell us your company name and the best day to arrange the meeting in the bank by calling on 0208 439 3400.

:: 2 :: You are not required to travel to London if your company administrators are residents in the EU and are EU passport holders:

Director (s) and Company Secretary need to go to their banks (in which they have a current account no less than 2 years old) and have them certified by the bank manager (who will need to sign and place a stamp on) the following documents:

  1. a valid passport or EU ID Card,
  2. bank statements for the last 6 months on your name with same residential address as you have provided with the company registration,
  3. other 2 (TWO) proofs of address (choose from: gas / electricity bills, tax office, driving licence with address and photo on it, council tax bill).

Please send certified documents to the address: FID Trust International, 1st Floor, 26 Fouberts Place, London W1F 7PP, Great Britain.

After we have checked which documentations are correct, they will be presented to the Business Regional (London) Branch of the HSBC Bank PLC and:

  1. Our representative will take all the necessary instructions from the bank manager including (possible) questionnaires for your company (type of trade / service, possibility / currency requirements and others).
  2. To your provided contact address, all the applications will be sent by registered post.
  3. You can Contact Us if you need answers on some of the questions.
  4. Send back all the filled and signed applications. Use your Registered Office Address as your company Business Address when filling in the applications seeing as the UK bank does not serve foreign addresses.
  5. Our representatives will present your completed package to the bank.
  6. The bank will open the business account, and the package (s) will be sent to our address (as your Registered Office and Business Addresses).
  7. By special delivery, you will receive all the bank documentations including the cheque books, debit cards, pay-in books, credit cards.
  8. On a regular bases, bank statements and charges will be sent to you by us (please do not forget to pay for the mail forwarding service).

:: 3 :: Documents which you need to send to us if you are unable to come on your own to open a UK Corporate Business Bank Account:

Please Note: If the required documents are not in English, you will need to have them translated.

Documents that are to be produced to the bank (for company director and company secretary, and all signatories) are: -

  1. A certified true copy of an ID such as a driving licence or a valid passport.
  2. An original utility bill / certified true copy of bill, showing residential address, not older than six months.
  3. Original bank statements (in personal name) for the past six months / certified true copy.

All the above are to be certified by a bank official or legalised / notarized and apostilled in any country.

Relevant Application forms for opening of bank account (s), internet access, fax indemnity, etc, should all be filled in and submitted together.


  1. For customers who are I from the countries where the I official language is English: They are only required to certify required documents by their bank manager. As every bank is different, some of them will not be accepted by UK' High Street Banks, in which case, please provide us the name and address of your bank through Contact Us. Only after receiving confirmation - please proceed with the certification. When we have received the documentation and checked it, you will then be invoiced.
  2. For all other customers: Same rule applies: send us the package of the documentations for compliance before making the payment.

Questions: Tel: 0207 439 3400 (From UK); + 44 0207 439 3400 (International).