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It is the official address of the company and the address to which Companies House will send letters and reminders. The registered office can be anywhere in England and Wales (if your company is registered there), or in Scotland (if your company is registered there), or in Wales if your memorandum of association says that the registered office must be there

 There are many reasons why our customers choose to use FID Trust International’s own address as a registered address, because:

  1. they would like to keep their home address private;
  2. to protect their business by keeping it off public records;
  3. they want a prestigious City of London business address for their company;
  4. they don't have an alternative address;
  5. they want to keep the same registered address without needing to update Companies House.

If you are using a professional and confidential registered address service (registered office service) you can relax because your company is complying with all aspects of the companies act. We always accept delivery of all your official mail.

Companies House uses the Post Office address file to verify addresses; so, to avoid delays, please ensure that your proposed registered office address is recognised by the Post Office and always give the correct postcode on the forms sent for registration.

A Registered Office Address is the official address of any UK’ business.

Registered Office Address:

  1. Shown on the public record in Companies House.
  2. Used by government agencies (eg. Courts, HM Revenue & Customs, all units of the Department of Trade & Industries) for the official correspondence regarding your company.
  3. Where Statutory Registers of the Company can be inspected by government agencies.
  4. Where HM Revenue & Customs VAT Central Unit will send you an official documentation.
  5. Shown on all of your official company’ letterheads and documentation.

Companies can have postal / business and registered addresses at once.

The registered office must always be an effective address for delivering documents to the company, and to avoid delays it is important that all the correspondence sent to this address is dealt with promptly.

Changing the registered office

If you want to change the address of your registered office of the company or limited liability partnership (LLP) after registration, you will need to tell Companies House. Your new registered office will only take effect once Companies House has entered it in their database.

Companies House uses the Post Office address database to verify addresses. You should ensure you use the correct address, including full postcode, on all forms and documents sent for registration to avoid delays.

Your registered office address must be a physical location in the same part of the UK as where the company or LLP was incorporated. To notify Companies House about any changes to the registered office address use: form AD01 for a company; form LL AD01 for a limited liability partnership.

Maintaining the registered office

The registered office must be a real address, but it doesn’t have to be the place where you do business. For example, some companies use their accountants for company secretarial services, and the accountants’ address as their registered office.

PO Box numbers alone are not acceptable.

You must be able to deal promptly with any mail sent there. Companies House will write to you at your registered office and someone you owe money to might send a legal demand for payment to that address. If you don’t reply quickly, they might push your company into insolvency.

If any person you deal with in the course of your business requests in writing the address of your registered office or the location where they can inspect your company records or details of the records that you keep at your registered office, you must respond within five working days.

By law, the name of your company must always be clearly visible to any visitors to the registered office and any other place where you do business.

You are responsible for ensuring that the company’s name appears on all its documentation and that all its business letters and order forms also carry its name, registered number, place of registration and registered address.

If the company has a website, you will also have to ensure that the website displays the company name and company number, details of the registered office and place of registration somewhere prominent.

Only Companies House can change your registered office.

Responsibilities for reporting changes to Companies House Directors of both private and public limited companies, and designated members of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) are responsible for preparing and delivering documents on behalf of their business to Companies House. They must ensure this is done in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.

FID Trust International can give you an official registered company address in London, with which you can have your business in the United Kingdom.

Please contact us by telephone 0207 439 3400 (0044 207 439 3400 – International) or E-mail if you wish to order this service in the United Kingdom.