FID Trust International

Nominee Director

A citizen of Great Britain with a stainless reputation and a credit record, allowing 100% opening of a corporative account (of all types) in any bank of Great Britain or the world, will become the Director of Your company for a year. As a result:

  1. You don’t need to come to Great Britain to open a bank account;
  2. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed as the name of the Nominee Director will be included in the state Registers;
  3. You have an opportunity to accumulate the benefits from the work of the company, as intermediate, on the tax free accounts (if the benefit was acquired beyond the bounds of Great Britain);
  4. All the contracts, business-plans and accounts will be signed automatically for all the Departments of England;
  5. You will be given a Form signed beforehand, without a date, about a voluntary dismissal from the post of the Nominee Director;
  6. You will be given a direct telephone number of an English / French / Russian speaking operator, so all orders received from this number will be carried out immediately.

At the same time – Your interests are strictly protected, as the person who represents Your Company – is a specialist of the highest qualification (a member of the Guild of the Financiers or a registered Auditor).

Your director, an Englishman (with knowledge of a second language – French or Spanish, is provided at the candidates choice) will need instructions in English.

Nominee Director Services Validity – 1 year. Renewal Yearly Fees.

Nominee Company Secretary

A member of the Guild of the Authorized Financiers, whose position gives him/her a special right for taking up a post of the company’s Secretary (including a joint-stock company of open type – PLC), having a professional insurance no less than 5.000.000 Pounds, not only guarantees confidentiality of your name in all State Registers but will project an appropriate image of Your Company not only in Great Britain but in the whole world.

Secretary of the Company justifies the signatures of the credit’s managers and controls their activities.

Carrying out the responsibilities of the Company’s Secretary includes all that was mentioned in the previous part (A Nominee Secretary of the Company), plus:

  1. Free Registration Address of the Company.
  2. A signed beforehand form about the voluntary dismissal from the post of the Secretary without a date is given.

Important: Dismissal of the Director and the Secretary is completely in your hands. Though, according to the Act of the Company year 1985, a report period provided comes up to 13 months from the day of registration, which means responsibility of the stated officials during the period of their presiding, right up to instituting criminal proceedings (or a fine of 5000 pounds) for the reports turned in late. Thus, sending of the signed beforehand forms about the voluntary dismissal from the post of Director and Secretary to the Register of the Company, without letting us know, leads to material damage and therefore repayment for the service is not provided.

Company Secretary Services Validity – 1 year. Renewal Yearly Fees.

Nominee Shareholder / Subscriber / Partner

This service is provided with the registration of a new company / LLP / LP / PLC. FTI can provide you with a UK Limited Company which can act as a nominee shareholder for your Company or with an appointment of a respectable citizen of Great Britain as Your stockholder (for Limited company just 1 stockholder is sufficient, and for PLC, LLP 2 are necessary as minimum). After a new company is formatted, our representative will provide you full support in obtaining all necessary documentations and always confirm his position.

If you ask he will sign and confirm:

  1. Power of Attorney (You can give your custom-made text).
  2. Standard Shareholder Agreement for UK Private Company Limited by Shares.
  3. Standard Partners Agreement for UK Limited Liability Partnership.

Appointment with a period of 1 year validity, not only guarantees complete confidentiality (especially, if You have ordered a Nominee Director and a Nominee Secretary of the Company), but will also give an opportunity for banking operations, including opening of the credit lines.

After 1 year, or other period of Your choice, the shares will be rewritten on another name (what other name?) or service, or the service can be prolonged.

Nominee Shareholder / Subscriber / Partner Services Validity – 1 year. Renewal Yearly Fees.