FID Trust International

Acting Nominee Director

FID Trust International representative can carry out the responsibilities of the Company’s Director:

  1. To go to and sign up a contract in any country of the world,
  2. to represent you at the meetings (following your instructions),
  3. to book hotel, flight and so on...,
  4. to draw up a letter of credit in the bank,
  5. to apply for special privileges from the HMRS (VAT account, etc.),
  6. to register the shipping / delivery of the cargo,
  7. to draw up the customs documents and the other commissions, that help You to have successful business.

Having called by an operator, you will be able to give directions or to send them by post / fax / e-mail.

This kind of special service will be guaranteed from FTI by security arrangements, we only invoice you for our work and not by the success of your business. It means- WE NEWER LOOK IN YOUR POCKET!

FID Trust International Limited guarantees that its business is based only on ethical methods, our strategy is in a long-term best relationship with our clients so you can concentrate in the realization of your business ideas knowing that FTI - USES ONLY ETHICAL METHODS.

Validity – 1 year. Renewal Yearly Fees.

Acting Nominee Company Secretary

Acting Nominee ServicesCompany Secretarial Services - is not an option, as all paperwork have to be done in time and punishment for loosing truck for it can be devastating for your business. This why we carefully study each word in the government instructions and updates for maintenance of UK' companies and can present our Acting  Nominee Company Secretary (Optional) Service. This work requires many hours and attention. Acting Nominee Company Secretary Service is available during the ordering process of a new company.

Acting Nominee Secretary Service includes:

  1. Fees for signing of bank forms for opening of bank account. Postage included.
  2. Compilation of all accounts for all the State Registers.
  3. Accounting of the company’s Register, including control over issue of shares, loans, realty, payment of income and interests of the Board of Directors, minutes of the meetings.
  4. Correspondence with the State Departments.
  5. Compilation of tax forms for opening the accounts, including surtax in the European Economic zone.
  6. Representation of the Company, during all types of control.
  7. Report certain changes to Companies House. The most attention have to be given to:
Annual Return Every company must deliver an Annual Return to Companies House at least once every 12 months. It has 28 days from the date to which the return is made up to do this. To help you meet this filing requirement Companies House will send a reminder to the Registered Office Address of the company in advance. Companies House must make the information held about registered companies available to anyone who wants to see it. So the information you send will be added to your companies record and will be available for public inspection. Records held at Companies House are sometimes used to check the legitimacy of a company and its directors before credit or loans are made therefore it is important that the records are correct. FID Trust International can assist with the filing of your companies Annual Return, by filing the details electronically.
Appointment of a Director If a Director of a company is newly appointed, this will need to be reported to Companies House. This form enables you to file the details with Companies House accordingly. This form can be used to notify Companies House about an individual being appointed as a director: AP01 appointment of a director.
Appointment of a Secretary If a Secretary of a company is newly appointed, this will need to be reported to Companies House. This form enables you to file the details with Companies House accordingly. Use this form to appoint an individual as a secretary: File form AP03 online.
Dormant Accounts Every company must prepare annual accounts that report on the performance and activities of the company during the year. The period reported on in the accounts is called the financial year. This starts on the day after the previous financial year ended or, in the case of a new company, on the day of incorporation. The accounts are required to be filed even if the company is Dormant. Dormant accounts filed at Companies House are much simpler than those of a trading company and need not include a profit-and-loss account or directors` report. FID Trust International can assist in filing the Dormant Accounts whether the accounts are manual or electronic.
Cancellation of Shares Use this form to give notice of a cancellation of shares by a private company on purchase. Include the optional continuation pages if needed. This form will be filed manually with Companies House: SH06 Statement of Capital should reflect the company's share capital immediately following the cancellation.
Change in a Director's Details You must tell Companies House about specific changes you make to your limited company. We will use filing software if you have many changes to report.
Change in a Secretary's Details If a Secretary of a company change their name and/or address, this will need to be reported to Companies House. This form enables you to file the details with Companies House accordingly. Online form CH03.
Change of Accounting Reference Date For all new companies, the first accounting reference period is automatically set as the first anniversary of the last day in the month in which the company was incorporated. This date can be changed using this form providing the date has not already passed. FID Trust International can assist in filing the AA01 form. It must be received within the period allowed for laying and delivering the accounts for the current or the immediately previous accounting reference period.
Change of Registered Office Address Every UK Company, incorporated with Companies House must have a Registered Office address in the UK. You are able to change the Registered Office address by filing the form directly from GOV.UK Companies House website. Online form: AA01 change of accounting reference date.
Changes that shareholders must approve You may need to get shareholders to vote on the decision if you want to:
  • change the company name,
  • remove a director,
  • change the company’s articles of association.

This is called ‘passing a resolution’. Most resolutions will need a majority to agree (called an ‘ordinary resolution’). Some might require a 75% majority (called a ‘special resolution’). Companies House has more details about the types of changes and resolutions you must report to them.

Don’t necessarily need to have a meeting of shareholders to pass a resolution. If the right amount of shareholders have told you they agree, Company Secretary can confirm the resolution in writing to all shareholders letting them know about the decision.

Increase in Share Capital If you company wishes to increase the Nominal Capital of the company, this form will enable you to notify Companies House of the increase, when it was effective and how much of an increase there is. This form will also enable you to state any conditions or rights attached to the new shares.

This form will increase the amount of issued shares and will be filed electronically with Companies House.

We will tell to the Companies House about changes to your limited company


Other changes you must report to HMRC if:

  • your business’ contact details change - eg. your name, business name or your personal or trading address, whether you appoint an accountant or tax adviser.

Acting Company Secretary Services Validity – 1 year. Renewal Yearly Fees.