FID Trust International

Our service aims to maximise our clients’ wealth so they, their families and their businesses accrue maximum value. We find our clients benefit from participating in the planning process, hence our commitment to this informative website.

Advisory Guides:

  1. A general idea of the tax system, together with self-assessment and the taxation of income from self-employment.
  2. Planning for your home, children, and trusts; tax advice in the event of separation or divorce.
  3. Tax relief may enhance an investment’s ability to realize greater returns.
  4. Failing to plan is like planning to fail – start here to look at key planning opportunities.
  5. Pensions are a cornerstone of retirement planning, so its vital to look at retirement funding, particularly in view of the fact that pensions have fallen as much as 35% in some places.

Before making investments that qualify for this relief, you must seek professional advice.

For Individuals

Everyone is entitled to personal tax allowance because there is no definition in tax law about income, income tax law divides various types of income into schedules – the easiest way to give us a chance to make all those calculations for you. Stop believing in various guides and software’s designed to make your life easier. Reason? – They’re not tailored to your specific needs and personal convenience. Come to us and we will:

  1. Speak with you, understand your position and possibilities, find out which social security benefits you are entitled,
  2. Recommend any income which can be exempt from tax for you (your family members),
  3. Give you the list of all tax relief on money,
  4. Work out which tax allowances you can be entitled to,
  5. And much more.

Seeing as you came to us, trusted us and relied on us –  We guarantee to reduce your tax bill on the amount bigger than our invoice! This why we have stayed in business since 1997 and continue to grow.

These aren’t all the services which we can provide to individuals. The list includes:

  1. Inheritance tax,
  2. Stamp duty,
  3. Capital gains,
  4. Pensions,
  5. National insurance,
  6. And many others which affect our everyday life,
  7. Income Tax,
  8. Trusts and Estates,
  9. Non-domiciliary tax issues.

With tax laws becoming more complex, and with more prominence being placed on taxpayers’ individual responsibilities, everyone who qualifies for taxation needs professional advice and support if they are to optimize their tax situation and comply with all the requirements.

As tax experts and consultants, we can provide you with year-round tax advice.

Every pound of income tax you accumulate means more income at your disposal; the well-planned disposal of assets means minimal loss of capital gains; and every Inheritance Tax saving means more benefit for your beneficiaries.

Make sure you take full advantage of the tax-saving opportunities available to you – give us a call today for a personal tax planning review. If you are serious about saving your well earned money – be our client.

For Sole-Traders

Your tax liability has to be reduced on the amount of your personal allowance – it’s I a fact. But how do you use it if the law keeps changing every day ? Which tax relief can you apply for? Why are we telling you about how to sell your business and reduce capital gain tax or be benefited from retirement relief, how the incorporation or VAT can benefit you? If you know everything then our guarantee is that you will save more money on your tax bill this year than our invoice. This means you don’t have to request our services which will make you regret that:

  1. You won't make the most of your trading losses on assets,
  2. Your capital gain tax are not be down to as low as 10%,
  3. You are not benefited from retirement relief,
  4. Your business isn’t incorporated because you like to pay national insurance tax,
  5. And many more…

In plain English, French or Russian you can have a consultation with our representatives who are fully qualified for making deals in accounting and consulting by ACCA, FCCA and MAAT. Your meeting will go undisturbed as it will be held in our private office in Central London.

For Contractors

Contractors are the busiest people in the business who create the new from nothing. On their lone they have to take care of all administrative burdens as a Limited Company and in this case they need a special package. Our service includes:

  1. Planning for transaction taxes,
  2. International taxation advice,
  3. General taxation planning,
  4. UK personal taxation advice,
  5. Property tax consultancy.

All businesses and individuals are required to self-assess tax liabilities, which is why by identifying quickly, tax saving opportunities can be the biggest income at the end of the year as taxes represent a substantial cost to any profitable business. Do not forget about reporting obligations, penalties and tax investigations.

As all Contractors and Consultants want to stay outside IR35 – it has to be confirmed by IR.

For Partnerships

We have a unique point for servicing of Partnerships: our service is not finished with an invoice before the client has full advantage of our tax consulting service. Use our special telephone helpline for any questions regarding our tax consulting service– immediate response on how to implement our recommendation. Which is why we have a long list of clients as our service is much wider than any presented on the Central London market and includes:

  1. Partnership structuring and taxation,
  2. Enterprise investment scheme possibilities,
  3. Tax efficient remuneration,
  4. Debt advice including recovery proceedings and negotiating with the collector,
  5. Specific tax advice tailored to your specific requirements.

Our staff has complete knowledge in tax affairs and will fully research any ideas you bring to their attention.

Our aim: To ensure that you have a minimum tax liability in any field: income tax, capital gain tax or others.

For Limited Companies

We understand that every company has their bookkeeping and accounting on the run but do you:

  1. Benefit from using VAT annual accounting instead of paying your accountant for this service every quarter?
  2. Entitled to receive or pay amounts under deduction of income tax (rather than corporation tax)?
  3. Using employee share schemes?
  4. Share the profits amongst different members of your family?
  5. Know all appropriate tax saving opportunities?
  6. Use the enterprise investment scheme?
  7. Avoid unnecessary tax payments?
  8. Own the principal assets?
  9. Know the difference between business asset taper relief and indexation allowance?

In fact we don’t get involved with any other businesses’ that we have a lack of knowledge off. However 99% of companies try and do this by relying on promises from software producers and basic studies on “bookkeeping courses”. We do our consulting on the bases of a personal approach to clients.

If the reader of this page is a normal businessman or you’re trying to repair a heating system – then you’ll be extremely pleased with our services that we can provide you with. Another reason for using our service is that we guarantee your bill for our service will be less than you save on the tax bill after consultation or your money back.

For Charities / Non-Profit

We have a long list of clients including Charities, Foundations, Schools, Churches, Associations, Scientific Laboratories and Arts Organizations to whom we provide consulting on the matters of tax services. Exemption, personnel and benefits, governance issues, policies and procedures are included in our advisory service.

We understand that the governing board needs assurance in fulfilling its responsibilities. Our services are designed to meet these objectives by asking the important questions and a commitment to helping you to reach your goals. We also help to create and evaluate budgets and financial plans, provide financial statements to assist your fund-raising and strategic planning.

Our personal's are especially trained and stay up to date on all changes in law for charities. We will easily find and establish for you:

  1. Partial exemption,
  2. Recoverable VAT,
  3. Grant or not a grant,
  4. Business or non-business activities,
  5. Full examination of the Collaborative working and merges under RS4,
  6. And many more.

Our special price policy for non-profit organizations builds on the generosity and enthusiasm of our staff.

Please contact us by telephone 0207 439 3400 (0044 207 439 3400 – International) or E-mail if you wish to order this service in the United Kingdom.