FID Trust International

FTI are an effective, friendly and professional accountancy for individuals, sole traders, partnerships, small and large businesses and limited companies - We are specialists in, and carry out all types of, accounting and taxation work for:

  1. Sole Traders – Accounts.
  2. Partnerships – Accounts.
  3. Limited by Shares Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships – Full Accounts.
  4. Pubic (Trading) Companies - Full Accounts.
  5. R35 Companies.
  6. Charities / Limited by Guarantee - Full Accounts.
  7. Limited by Guarantee Private Companies - Full Accounts.
  8. Flat Management Guarantee / Right to Manage Companies - Full Accounts.
  9. European (SE) Public Companies - Full Accounts.
  10. Community Interest Companies (CIC) - Full Accounts.
  11. Unlimited Companies - Full Accounts.
  12. UK (Branches) Establishment -Accounts.

We serve ALL types of businesses:

  1. Retail Trade.
  2. Construction Industry.
  3. The Motor Trade and Mechanics.
  4. Taxis, Couriers.
  5. Public Houses, Clubs.
  6. Dentists, Doctors, Vets.
  7. Tutors and Lecturers.
  8. Landlords, rental income.
  9. Employment Agencies.
  10. Hotels, Bed & Breakfast establishments, Restaurants and Catering.
  11. Nursing Homes and Retirement Homes.
  12. Computer specialists.

In addition to our professional accountancy services, FTI operate fully computerized systems for the production of regular financial reports covering our clients’ business activities. These reports consist of monthly management accounts, and, where necessary, statutory accounts at the end of the financial year in preparation for the audit. This service includes the compilation of corporate tax returns and any other documents needed to comply with the relevant tax authority’s requirements.

Our clients’ global business also depends on the timely and competent handling of all tax and accounting reporting policy in the specific country / countries where the clients’ business is wholly or partly resident.

Decisions based on misinformation, or even no information at all, are likely to be incorrect.

Our chartered accountants are available to support and assist all the decision-making processes of your business. After a bookkeeper has compiled all the basic financial information, a qualified accountant should be appointed to compile financial reports, and to interpret the trends.

Once the eligible turnover of a business exceeds established limits all businesses are required to register for VAT and thereafter act as an unpaid tax collector for H.M. Customs & Excise. It may be in your interest to register for VAT voluntarily – our staff will be able to assist you in this decision. Compliance with the large number of VAT regulations is a big responsibility and the penalties for inaccurate returns can be severe. So we would suggest the task should be accomplished by experts in this field. We can register your company for VAT and make the necessary monthly or quarterly returns for you.

Once your company starts to employ its own staff, you will be obliged to pay this staff and deal with the various laws that apply to the workplace. A short and incomplete list of legislation governing the employment of people in the UK follows:

  1. Income Tax Acts and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) regulations.
  2. Health and safety at work.
  3. Minimum wage regulations.
  4. Maternity regulations.
  5. Equal pay regulations.
  6. Insurance and pension requirements.

Our chartered accountants have accumulated a great deal of experience in a variety of businesses. Orders can be placed 24 / 7 and will be processed between 09:00 and 20:00. Tel.: 0207 439 3400.