FID Trust International

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) regulate the provision of corporate services by the Agent to the Client, as acknowledged and detailed further herein. Matters to their express approval by the Agent and by the Client, these Terms, in combination with any order forms, orders, requests and instructions, as issued by the Client to the Agent, shall represent a binding legal accord between the Client and the Agent.


“Agent“: FID Trust International Limited, an English Company registered under the Companies Act, on the 8th of November 2006, as well as any subsidiary or nominee company directly related to FID Trust International Limited (see – FTI Group Market Sectors), which may be implicated in the provision of the Services to the Client or to the Company.

“Services“: any of the following – company formation / incorporation, acting as the registered agent, provision of the registered office, provision of the nominee company secretary, nominee company director, nominee officer, nominee shareholder or account signatory, provision of mail, fax and message forwarding and re-mailing, preservation of corporate records, opening and operating of bank accounts, administrative and managerial work of similar nature that the Agent provides at request of the Client.

“Company“: any business (Company, Partnership, Charity etc.) in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland) beneficially owned by the Client, to which Services are provided by the Agent.

“Client“: the beneficial owner (s) of the Company and/or the individual (s) who has ordered Services, as well as any such individual (s) whom the Client may ultimately represent and any such individual (s) whom the Client may have authorized to represent himself; in case of more than one person all such persons jointly and severally.

“Order Form“: the company formation electronic Order Form as available on the website  or in written format, as submitted by the Client to the Agent before commencement of Services.

“Communication“: any communication between the Agent and Client by any methods: (1) e-mail, message or form posted through the Internet, including messages by any Instant Messenger; (2) fax; (3) courier or mail delivery, addressed to the last known address of the receiver.


  1. As may be requested by the Client, the Agent shall carry out company formation, corporate, managerial and administrative functions on behalf of the Client. In performing such functions the Agent shall always act only following instructions from the Client and in no way in his own discretion, except for special situations as described further in these Terms.
  2. The Agent has no direct or beneficial interest in the business of the Client whatsoever. The sole interest of the Agent is to provide Services to the Client or to his Company.
  3. All fees charged by the Agent to the Client shall be in amounts posted on Agents’ website (  ) or as an offer to the Client by the Agent, pro-forma-invoice or special pricelist. The fees are subject to change. Increases can not be made in the period of the existing order (s). Any increase of fees taking effect only upon 90 days advance notice, except for increases in government fees and charges which take effect immediately, as Agent has no control over these fees.
  4. Price quotations are not grounds for payment. Request for payment (s) will only be issued by the Agent after sufficient information obtained. Invoices shall be sent to the Client then order completed.
  5. The Agent is not obligated to provide any Services before fees are paid in full by the Client.
  6. The Client agrees that late payment of certain professional fees, in particular recurring fees for the subscription Services, can be increased without 90 days notification. The Client also understands that the failure to pay such fees (particularly to the government departments) on time may result in the Company being dissolved, wound-up or struck off from the Registry or the resignation of the Agent or penalties.
  7. If the Client fails to settle invoice within the period stated in the invoice, the Agent may stop any other Services, ordered before by the Client, at the Agents own discretion.
  8. When Registered Address is provided to the Company by the Agent, the Client is not allowed to make any reference to the Registered Address representing the Registered Address as the business address of the Company, unless mail redirection is ordered and agreed by the Agent. Any reference to the Registered Address of the Company, in any way, must clearly indicate that this address is the Registered Address of the Company.
  9. When nominee services or company services are provided by the Agent, the Client will use all necessary means to ensure that these services are not misused.
  10. The Agent accepts instructions regarding the Company only from the Client, except as otherwise stipulated in this Article. Only, in case of death or incapacity of the Client to act the Agent shall accept instructions from third party (ie), if such has been appointed in writing by the Client and the identity and the conditions of the appointment of such third party have been indicated by the Client beyond reasonable doubt.
  11. Where there are several private individuals acting jointly as Client, if there are no special instructions given to the Agent, the Agent shall only act on instructions which are given jointly by all of the Client-individuals.
  12. The Client guarantees that any asset introduced to the Company is not derived from or connected to any illegal activity.
  13. The Client guarantees that the Company will not be used for any unlawful purpose.
  14. The Client guarantees that no instructions given to the Agent will require or involve any unlawful act or contain any dishonesty.
  15. Due Diligence Requirements (“Know Your Customer”). As and when requested by the Agent, the Client shall provide to the Agent proofs of identity and sufficient identifying documentation, including proof of residential address.
  16. In case of reasonable doubt in regards to the authenticity of any instruction, notice, document or communication, the Agent may, but is not obliged to, require additional authentication from the Client.
  17. The Agent may refrain from acting on any instruction issued by the Client, if in the Agents’ reasonable opinion such instruction would breach any applicable law or regulation.
  18. If the Agent becomes suspicious of any illegal, unlawful or money laundering activity during the course of his work, the Agent will report directly to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) without prior reference to the Client or the Client’s representatives.
  19. If any claim, request or action is taken by a third party against the Company or any other circumstances arise in which in the opinion of the Agent it is necessary to take urgent action in the best interests of the Client, the Company or the Agent, then the Agent shall be allowed to take such action as he deems most appropriate for the situation.
  20. These Terms may be amended by the Agent and the Client informed about the changes.
  21. The Client may at his sole discretion request the Agent to cease any Services, by giving one months’ written notice to the Agent.
  22. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
  23. On placing an order (s) by the Client for any Services provided by the Agent, these Terms and Conditions of Business will be in force with immediate effect and no other forms of confirmation required.


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