FID Trust International

With respect to the protection of the security of private information, FID Trust International Limited ( ) is obligated to preserve the security of private information of its visitors. We use this policy during contact with the personal information of the user /client / visitor. Personal information given by you will be used strictly in accordance with the policy mentioned above. This policy applies to the corporate websites of FID Trust International Limited. Separate enterprises and programs of FID Trust International Limited are guided by their own policy, which can differ from ours. FID Trust International Limited advises you to become acquainted with the content of the policy with respect to the protection of the security of private information given on this site and available on other websites visited by you.


Your personal information is used as follows:

  1. We do not collect any personal information, which can be described as very personal, according to the Data Protection Act 1998.
  2. Data of stock records – contains information about you, and about the means of communication with you. They include: language, formats of electronic mail, IP address, email address, etc.
  3. Feedback and support – the enquiry system automatically records your IP address and your server details. These are automatically saved by our provider: 24-7 WEBS. FID Trust International Limited can only have access to your records in case of investigating illegal use of information from our websites by a visitor.
  4. Electronic correspondence is used for all forms of inquiries and correspondence, and also for the propagation of information about FID Trust International Limited.

The personal information obtained by us is used exclusively within methods, which were established in the process of its retrieval, as it is provided for by the laws of Great Britain. We will not alter it unless you express disagreement to the use of information for other purposes.


Access to your personal information is available only to those employees who require it in order to perform their official duties.


No personal information is subject to storage during a prolonged period, then that which is necessary for fulfilling the task of collecting the above information.


We place our link on sites of third parties. In view of the fact that we do not monitor the websites of other suppliers, we ask that you become acquainted with the policy regarding the protection of the security of private information placed on these (and also on all other) sites of third parties.


As far as we know, we do not deal with the collection of personal information about those who have not reached the age of 13. If we learn that information about a child under 13 years of age is being stored on our systems, this information will be subject to immediate deletion. The Company imperatively recommends to parents that they monitor their children use of the Internet. Let us give you some suggestions regarding the safety of your child on the Internet:

  1. Tell your child that under no circumstances should they transfer through the network personal data without their parent’s or an adult guardian’s permission. This especially relates to such information as the name and surname, home address, telephone number, information about school, etc.
  2. Be aware of what sites your child does visit and whether it is appropriate for them.
  3. Become acquainted with the policy regarding the protection of the security of private information on different websites. It is necessary to be up-to-date concerning how information about your child will be used.


For update of personal information, contact us. In order to speed up the processing of your inquiries, please provide the following information:

  1. Information for communication with your name, surname, postal address, electronic address etc.
  2. The name of the program, which requires the update of your information.
  3. Reason for the update in the detailed account (for example, change in the electronic address, the annulment of subscription to the information bulletin, access to personal information etc.)