FID Trust International

FID Trust International Limited (FTI) needs their clients to know that they are a subject to Anti-Money-Laundering laws that are in force in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Under these laws, we must verify the identities and personal data for all individuals to whom services are provided if they are ordered not through our merchant accounts, in this case identity is verified by the bank issuing credit / debit card from which payments are made or if the amount of one-time payment exceeds €1,000 (Euro).

FID Trust International (FTI) can only follow these legal regulations (as it is not our whim). All licensed Registered Agents in the United Kingdom (of whom FTI is one) are subject to the stringent rules. There are no exceptions.

All information and documents provided to FTI under these provisions will remain strictly confidential, subject to the United Kingdom laws. Provided information is not part of any official public record and will be kept secret in a special archive.

Each beneficial owner, director and shareholder of a company and each individual who is in any way authorized to issue commands in regards to that company, must provide the following documents to the Registered Agent (FTI):


  • Type: In descending order of adequacy: Passport, national identity card, armed forces identity card, valid driving licence.
  • Features: Document must be official and current, and must contain a photograph of a reasonable likeness.
  • Form: A copy of the document, must be certified by a lawyer, notary, accountant, embassy official or a bank manager. The name and the status of the certifier and the name of his organization (if any) must be evidently indicated. The copy must be certified as a “true copy of the original seen and the photograph being of a reasonable likeness to the bearer of the document“.


  • Type: Gas bill, water bill, electricity bill, personal bank statement, personal credit card statement, mortgage or credit union statement, local authority tax bill, local council rent card, statement of the residential address issued by the local municipality, notary or banker. Can also be a national identity card or driving licence, if it contains residential address and not already provided under “A-1“.
  • Features: Documents must indicate the full name of the individual as one with his residential address.
  • Form: Documents must be original, not older than 3 months. In case of ID card or driving licence a copy should be certified as described in “A-3“.


  • Features: Documents must indicate the length of time for which the individual is known to the referee, being not less than three years and the nature of the relationship between the individual and the referee. If the individual’s residential address is expressly mentioned in the bank reference, as per banks’ records, a separate Proof of address document “B-1” is not required.
  • Form: Must be original and not older than 3 months. FID can provide sample wording at request.

All of these documents must be received in the office of FID (1st Floor, 26 Fouberts Place, London W1F 7PP, United Kingdom) before any company formation or management orders can be completed. To accelerate the provision of services, scanned copies can be sent to us electronically at first, but they must be followed by the original copies. Fax: 0207 439 3900; International – 0044 207 439 3900.

FID will not send out any commercial documentation to anyone earlier than all due diligence documents, in paper-form, are received and are found to be in order.

Thank you for accepting.