FID Trust International

If you consider that exceptional circumstances apply to you as a PSC of the company resulting in a serious risk of violence or intimidation, then you can apply for your PSC information to be protected. This means that your PSC information would not be made public or shared with credit reference agencies. You will still have to comply with all the remaining PSC requirements and PSC information will still be available to law enforcement agencies.

Applications for protection may be made by you as a PSC or by the company on your behalf. You can make a protection application if you are:

  1. An individual who is considering whether to become a PSC of a company or LLP;
  2. An existing PSC;
  3. An individual who used to be a PSC of a company or LLP;
  4. The company or LLP; or
  5. A founding member of the company, before incorporation; or a proposed member of the LLP.

The company or LLP may make an application on your behalf if you consent to it doing so.

If you think an application for protection is necessary please ask us.

After the assessment, the registrar will write to confirm the outcome of your application. If your application is unsuccessful you can appeal within 42 days, during which time protection continues.

If you are or were a company director, or are or were a member of an LLP, you may already have some protection. (This protection is often called “section 243 protection” since it is set out in section 243 of the Companies Act 2006 and the Companies (Disclosure of Address) Regulations 2009.) This protection means your residential address is not already shared with credit reference agencies. In this case, it might be possible to make an application on the basis that you already have existing protection under that regime.

If the application is to prevent your residential address from being shared with credit reference agencies by Companies House, the risk could come from the activities of any of the companies or LLPs of which you are, are considering to be, or were, a PSC, director, or member.

The risk may also come from an overseas company of which you are or were a director, secretary of a permanent representative. The company, LLP or overseas company might be engaged in, or is engaging in business with another whose activity is sensitive or contentious and may give rise to protests or campaigns resulting in violence or intimidation against you.

If the application is to prevent all of your PSC information from being made public then the risk must come either from the activities of the company, or must come from your association with the company. In respect of the latter, the application must demonstrate that if you are publicly identified as the PSC of the company, and are certain of your characteristics or attributes associated with the company then this could put you or someone who lives with you at risk of violence or intimidation. The activities of the company need not be sensitive in and of themselves, but the association with you as the PSC might result in violence or intimidation against you.

No evidence would be required to demonstrate the risk of violence or intimidation.

Some details would be required about the company or LLP in respect of which the protection was given and Companies House may ask for further information if necessary.

Once an application is granted, your PSC information will be protected indefinitely.

Ask our representative for your PSC information protection. This service can be ordered from us. For more information call +44 (0) 207 439 3400. Protection of your information on the public register will start as soon as an application is registered at Companies House. The company must not use or disclose your information on its register as soon as an application is made. Applications can be made before you become a PSC or before a company is incorporated, so that your PSC information never appears on the central public register.