FID Trust International

At FID you will get private, confidential and secure services which allows to form (or buy) any kind of a company from initial formation proceedings, statutory and administrative, to a complete running and functional company. In the United Kingdom you can find exactly the type of the company which you require:

  1. Private Limited by Shares Company (LTD).
  2. Public Limited Company by Shares (PLC).
  3. Public Limited Company with Bearer Shares (PLC).
  4. Flat Management Company Limited by Guarantee (LTD) / Right to Manage.
  5. Commonhold Association.
  6. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).
  7. European (SE) Public Company.
  8. European Economic Interest Groupings Formation.
  9. European Cooperative Society (SCE).
  10. Community Interest Company (CIC).
  11. Unlimited Company.
  12. Limited Partnership Company (LP).
  13. Branch Applications - UK Establishment.
  14. Charity [Limited by Guarantee Company].
  15. Limited by Guarantee.
  16. Charity [Limited by Guarantee Company omitting Limited from its name].
  17. Limited by Guarantee Company omitting Limited from its name (LTD).
  18. Dormant Company - Reserve Non-Trading Company.

FID is a specialist provider of corporate professional services. Our driving force is to consistently offer a high level of personal services and the development of a long term relationship with our clientele. From planning to design, finance to office space – we offer a wide array of services including corporate formation, corporate law and company secretarial services, offshore services and company searches. We aim at exceeding our clients’ expectations through our result oriented solutions provided by our highly specialised and professional teams.

Since 2001 FID Trust International Limited clients enjoy the best service which starts from company formation to business support. All-in-One online resource for electronic company formation and services, FTI provide the lowest prices and super value for money. There are no forms to fill, sign and post as FTI is a Companies House E-Filing Registered Agent.

All necessary for successful business organizations, functions and growth. No borders, no restrictions or special requirements. FTI guarantees the same possibilities to all visitors of our site, wishing to register / format / incorporate company / trust / financial foundation / to create own businesses or to order services for existing companies, or International company.


  1. You don’t need to leave your home and
  2. it doesn’t matter which country passport you hold,
  3. it doesn’t matter where you are at present,
  4. it doesn’t matter how much you pay up authorised capital,
  5. it doesn’t matter which business you would like to do (just be legal in a country of your choice) -

FID Trust International incorporate a company for you. Your property will never be at risk and you will never be filed for a bankruptcy. If a company of your choice requires to fill any annual accounts – you will be introduced to a local tax/ accountant which will take care of that.

You’re in the right place: not only for fulfillment of your plans but also for good-value prices.

Specialist provider of corporate professional services. Can also help you to float your company in the UK. Provides you the opportunity to form limited company by shares, limited liability company, limited guarantee company and others which are legal.